Kitty With The Cute Ears Is Happy To Be Adored And No Longer Has To Wander

A stray cat was found and taken to the Rowan County, North Carolina shelter earlier this month. She was suffering from a cold and a neck injury.

A friendly stray with Yoda-like ears has been transported to Cabarrus Animal Hospital for medical attention. She instantly won the hearts of the entire staff.

“Alisha Kidwell, MD, is treating her.” Yana Aviles, an assistant veterinarian at the clinic, describes the cat as “extremely nice and friendly.”

Kitty was roughly 2 kg in weight. It’s little, yet it’s full of endearing idiosyncrasies.

According to Shelby Beers, a veterinary technician, the cat lacks incisors, which means it often sticks out its tongue, which only adds to its charm.

“It has not been determined what her (exact) age is. She is young, about a year old. Too small for an adult cat,” Shelby says.

“She is on the mend and is resting comfortably, cuddled by the staff here.”

The cute kitty proved to be a great weasel. She craves to be hugged and loves to hang out with people.

“We carry her around in our hoodies like a kangaroo and she falls asleep,” Shelby says.

The kitty does not yet have a name, but the workers affectionately call her Yoda for her cute unusual ears, reminiscent of this character.

“She’s shy, yet she’s always ready to melt in the face of adoration.” Shelby describes her as “an wonderfully affectionate, gentle kitten.”

This fuzzy gem is currently in a veterinary facility, where she is being carefully cared for and assisted in her recovery.

Cat Yoda is boldly striding towards her wonderful future now that she is no longer responsible for a roof over her head.

What makes you think you won’t adopt one?

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