Kind-Hearted Man Rescuess Thin Kitten Shunned By Mother And Nurtures Her Into Stunning Feline Companion

A man took in a tiny kitten who was rejected by her mom, and became her new dad. In the months that followed, he raised the little palm-sized fur baby into a beautiful calico cat.

Meet Sansa!

Little Sansa was rejected by her cat mother after she was born. She was barely eating and just skin and bones.

Her mama cat didn’t think she would survive so left her behind and focused on her healthier babies. That’s when Alan found her and offered to take her.

Sansa was smaller than his feet, but the little feline baby was so eager to be loved.

She cuddled up to her rescuer and fell asleep on him, purring nonstop. For the first time, she felt loved and that she belonged.

Alan started bottle feeding her round-the-clock, taking on the role of a mother cat.

She was the tiniest little thing they’d seen.

Alan gave the kitten a tour around the house as she followed him everywhere he went.

They got her many comfortable beds to sleep in and an assortment of toys to play with.

Sansa curled up in her favorite bed, feeling snug and happy.

Her first catch!

In just a few weeks, the little calico grew in size and personality.

Look at those long whiskers!

She’s the sweetest little cuddlebug.

A few months later, Sansa met a new friend who is also a calico.

She took her under her wing and taught her the ropes around the house.

Head scritches make her the happiest kitty in the world!

One of her favorite pastimes – snuggling with Cat Dad when he’s on the computer.

Little supurrvisor!

Happy little Sansa!

Several months ago, she found love in this guy…

Look at what a gorgeous kitty she’s now!

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