A Coffe Shop Adopted A Dog That Sits With Customers Daily,Striving To Keep Them Company

She doesn’t ask for food, she doesn’t ask for anything. She just sits and accompanies them.

Camila, the cafe’s owner, adopted the dog and named him Corchito. He is now in charge of escorting clients who are alone or who are having a rough day. Some people do not always feel understood when they are surrounded by other people. Corchito is therefore available to the most lonesome consumers.

Corchito understands that sometimes all you need is a little love and support to feel better. This dog can detect when someone is having a bad day. Furthermore, her sheer presence makes individuals feel as though their day has been pre-planned. Feeling an animal’s affection over an extended length of time makes them feel better.

Camila Gallando owns Dickens, an Argentine Restobar largely committed to being a café. She operates the family company, which is well-known in the community. Every day was the same, with no major changes, until Corchito came and altered everything.

In a café, a dog provides lonely folks company.

Corchito is forced to seek refuge in Camila’s cafe on a rainy day, and she quickly falls in love with him. Camila liked how friendly the dog was, so she decided that Dickens would be her new home from now on, and that this lovely property would become Corchito’s heaven on earth.

Camila had no idea how much attention Corchito would receive. He settled in without incident, although he was especially friendly with everyone. The most astonishing part is that when someone entered Dickens and sat alone at a table, Corchito approached him and seated down on the chair beside him without hesitation.

Many people might assume the dog is begging for food or something, yet the dog just sits and walks with people. When others speak to him, he appears to pay close attention to what they say. One of the customers has recently lost her husband, with whom she used to come to the café and sit with Corchito, but now she comes alone, so the dog is even more present for her.

Corchito adores everyone who enters this cafe, but he has a sweet place for the elderly, especially when they are depressed. The dog appears to have a sixth sense for detecting grief and hence approaches individuals who are most afflicted.

Camila not only looks after Corchito, but she has also decided to provide refuge for the other stray dogs that come to the cafe at night in need of a place to sleep. Corchito recognizes the circumstance and expresses his support for them. Despite being the café’s dog, he is always willing to help other dogs or people. Corchito is unquestionably a shining example, and it is owing to him that the region’s residents value coffee even more.

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