A 160-Pound Dog Did The Impossible To Be By His Best Friend Side Again

A 160-pound dog who did the unthinkable to be by this child’s side once more is his best buddy.

As best friends who did everything together, Grizzy and Luke grew up together. But it became challenging for him to always be with his favorite boy when the 160-pound dog became lame one day.

When Grizzy returned from the vet with a diagnosis of wobblers disease, the family had initially assumed it was simply a case of muscle pain.

The family made the risky decision to have surgery because they had no other viable choices. The dog arrived on a gurney, contrary to what the veterinarian had said would happen.

Starting from scratch, his family did everything they could to assist in any way they could. If he didn’t walk after four months, he would never walk again. It took four months.

But Grizzy was prepared to battle and wouldn’t give up. And his family was prepared to continue moving forward with him! They found a location that professed to be able to aid them, but the dog would have to spend some time there.

It merited a shot. Grizzy had a compelling incentive to continue moving forward, and he wasn’t going to stop until he could once more approach his small pal.

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