World’s Only Pink Manta Ray Caught In The Great Barrier Reef

The world’s only pink manta ray

We hope people will leave it alone to live and thrive…!🙏😊💜

After dolphins and an adorable elephant calf, now it is a manta ray that’s startling everyone with its never-seen-before pink skin color. Initially spotted in 2015, off Australian coast, this “unique” manta ray has only been spotted on a very few occasions, and recently wildlife photographer Kristian Laine managed to capture a glimpse of the amazing underwater creature.

Nearly 11ft long, the pink manta ray lives in the Lady Elliot Island’s waters, in the Great Barrier Reef. Since he was discovered, the marine creature was carefully supervized by the Project Manta research group.

The scientists named him Inspector Clouseau after the famous character from The Pink Panther. It isn’t clear “what causes” Inspector Clouseau’s pink color, but the researches believe it might be a very [] condition known as [erythrism]. Just like albinism, or melanism, erythrism also leads to a lack of natural pigmentation, but if in the first two situations the pigmentation goes white or black, this time it is a vibrating pink.

Manta rays are usually black, but there are situation they can be white, or even a combination of the two, so a pink manta ray is can unique! So it’s the only one seen and photographed but the colour must have come from somewhere and could be passed to offspring.💜🌊🌺

No others have been seen, but we can’t be sure no others exist.

Yep & they absolutely know in the immense vastness of the ocean this is the only pink manta ray! Lol, Such arrogance…😍😍😍

Lets hope its only ever caught by a camera.~~~

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