Workers Hear Cries Coming from an Old Armchair and Find a Cat Donated to the Thrift Store

Employees at a thrift shop in Denver, Colorado heard meowing one day coming from an item that was recently donated – an old recliner. The meowing was coming from a ginger cat named Montequlla. His family had cleared out their house of old furniture before their move to their new home. And Montequlla had gotten cozy inside the recliner as it was dropped off at the thrift store.

The employees called the Denver Animal Shelter to come and pick up the cat. But when they saw that the cat’s microchip hadn’t been updated, the cat remained at the store. And Montequlla’s family quickly noticed that he was missing and checked with the store to see if he was there.

Cat Donated To Thrift Store In Old Armchair By Accident

The family was so relieved to have their beloved cat back with them. And I’m sure Montequlla was just as happy to be back with his family. Little did he know that when he decided to take a nap inside the recliner that he was about to end up somewhere else with his family on the hunt to find him!

“We are so happy for the ending to this story and are thankful to everyone involved in getting this sweet cat home safely,” said the Denver Animal Shelter on their Facebook page.

God bless Montequlla and his family as they enjoy all being reunited again!

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