Woman Tearfully Rejoins With Dog 8 Years After Losing Him

She didn’t believe she ‘d see him again. She turned out being wrong.

” Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home every day.”

You go home, and your pet canine wags its tail, so pleased to see you. These dogs tirelessly wait for you every day, wishing to see you as soon as you walk through that door.

However with their brief lives, do you ever wonder if a dog would still recognize you after several years?

It was February 2014 when a lively pitbull pup decided it was fun to check out farther into the woods.

Betsy Dehaan, the owner of Harley, turned them bent on go to the bathroom.

In simply a couple of minutes, Harley was gone.

They tried searching for him and given out posters in case somebody saw him, but there was no news.

Harley was simply a couple of years old. He was just beginning to create memories with Betsy in their Lee County home.

“We searched and cruised and looked and put up posters and sent out the ” desired”, you recognize, “missing pet” and just never ever quit looking for him,” Betsy recalled.

They were worried because if somebody found him, they would have tracked them down since he was already micro-chipped. Weeks turned to months, and years passed by.

They never heard of Harley once again.

8 years later, present day, Angie Bray and her friend were walking on Barto Boulevard in San Carlos Park when they saw a dog that was actually malnourished and had overgrown nails.

“I didn’t realize just how bad it was until I in fact got the dog,” Bray claimed when she took Harley.

According to the kind-hearted lady, the first thing she noticed about Harley was that he was really wonderful.

“The dog was so wonderful, very well acted. Appeared as pleased as can be. Aside from being truly skinny. He had some truly overgrown nails,” Bray told CBS.

Bray immediately took the canine to Cypress Lake Pet Hospital and Lee County Domestic Pet Services.

Due to his microchip, Bray and the others located who his owner was.

Now, Betsy no longer lived in Lee Region. She had already moved to Gainesville, Florida.

Betsy got a text on Saturday. She didn’t truly get excited because she thought it was a scam. Besides, it had been 8 long years.

That Saturday morning, she was speaking about how wonderful and amazing Harley was. She remembered him however had already lost hope.

It had actually been as long, much longer that the time they spent with each other. Was it truly possible for her canine to still remember her?

“And I obtained the message. And you know, you think Google constantly detects your advertisement?? Haha, I resemble, this is a scam. This is not real,” Betsy recalled.

When she verified it was indeed her pet, Harley, she rushed and drove over 1,100 miles from Missouri to Lee Region.

Her heart was competing, and her eyes full of tears. She felt sorry for not trying tougher. Betsy hesitated that Harley would not recognize her anymore.

Every one of her fears washed away when they saw each other.

Harley, even though weak and malnourished, ran towards Betsy. He hugged her, and she hugged her back.

Harley looked various. He was old and weak because of the difficulties he had experienced, however he still had the exact same love for Betsy, also after 8 lengthy years. Betsy guaranteed her canine that he will certainly never ever go hungry again.

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