Woman Sets Up Bird Feeder Photo Booth To Take Close-Ups Of Birds Eating,And Here Are 29 Of Her Best Photos

Moving from one country to another takes a considerable effort and can be pretty overwhelming. Fortunately for Lisa M. Ca, who moved from Germany to Michigan, she had plenty to keep her occupied. The diverse bird population in Macomb County, Michigan was enough to keep the homesickness at bay.
The area where she moved has a wide variety of birds, and some of the species she would see were Cardinals, Redbreasted Nuthatches, Blue Jays and so many more. These different kinds of birds inspired her to observe, study and get to know them, so she decided to dedicate a Tumblr solely to her little friends. In order to do this, she needed something that would allow her to get close and personal without scaring them off. Amidst her camera research, she found a mechanism called Bird Photo Booth, a motion-activated wireless bird feeder that allows the owner to study the birds that come near it without making them fly away.
She grew a considerable following and created quite a large community of people who appreciate her work. Below you can take a look at 29 of our favorite picks, but if you want to see more don’t forget to visit Lisa’s Tumblr.











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