Woman Finds ‘Soul Mate On The Sidewalk,’Cowboy,A Newborn Kitten

Camryn was late and on a walk when she spotted a tiny newborn kitten with black and white spots and instantly knew it was meant to be

One day, a young woman named Camryn “lived an actual miracle” when she came across a newborn kitten she later named Cowboy on her daily walk. But it wasn’t her usual route. She was “five hours late and in the complete opposite direction of my usual route,” she said. That day, she tried something different, and as soon as she saw the kitten, she knew it was meant to be.

A Solitary Newborn Kitten On a Sidewalk

Why did Camryn think it was fate? She told her mom just the day before that she needed a cat and had already decided on the name for a little boy: Cowboy. Thinking about a cat probably help take her mind off her present troubles, as it does for so many people. But then it seems she manifested a kitten as if from thin air.

“I’m getting a cat, and I’m naming him Cowboy,” she said after repeatedly saying how much she needed a cat the week before. Then, when she took an unexpected walk, she found the tiny newborn still with the umbilical cord attached. Unfortunately, there was no trace of the mom or other kittens, but Cowboy was in good hands, right where he was meant to be, purrhaps? She was willing to feed the 3-ounce baby every two hours around the clock.

“The chances of him surviving without his mom were almost zero, and if I had decided to go on that walk just 5 minutes earlier or later, he wouldn’t have stood a chance,” she said.

Cowboy was black and white, like a cow, right in front of her. It was as if she found her “soul mate on the sidewalk,” she said.

“Right in front of me was the kitten I had asked for. He was a boy and had black and white spots like a cow. I brought him home, cut his umbilical cord, washed him with dawn dish soap, gave him his first bottle, and stared at him in awe. I didn’t just find any kitten, I quite literally found Cowboy.”

Her video of the story of Cowboy went viral on TikTok and appeared on Enews. Sven months later, on New Year’s Eve, she shared more details of an “insane once in a lifetime never going to happen again type of story.”

As you see in the video, Camryn had a bracelet that said Cowgirl, while Cowboy had a collar with his name. Even since bringing home the kitten, they were like “two bugs snug in a rug.” Her followers loved seeing updates on their daily adventures. They watched him grow into a big, beautiful Cowboy with everything a cat could ever want.

“A cowgirl and her cowboy ”

A year later, she shared an update for Cowboy’s gotcha day. He’s the happiest cat and is living the best life with his Cowgirl.

“A YEAR of cowboy!!! happy 1st birthday & gotcha day little one”

You can see more of Cowboy and Cowgirl on Instagram and TikTok.

Note: As Newsweek shared, it’s generally best to keep a kitten’s mother with kittens, especially when they’re so tiny. Possibly, she was out of sight nearby looking for food. That’s why rescuers suggest watching for a few hours from a safe distance to see if she returns. However, if the kittens are in danger, injured, or sick, it’s best to take them to a veterinarian or shelter or call for help.

That said, we’re thrilled that Cowboy and his Cowgirl are so wonderfully happy together. We see them go on many wonderful adventures, and Camryn takes her kitty on outdoor outings in a special backpack.

Maybe it really was fate, after all? We’ve seen many stories where it seems a kitten chose their family.

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