Wild Black Bear Joins Family Picnic And Demands PB&J Sandwiches

A family that was on vacation at a remote woodland area in Maryland came across a friendly black bear who decided to join them in their picnic.

In the incredible video posted via TikTok by Kaitlyn Nesbit, you can see a black bear sat down on the edge of the picnic table.

He was calmly and patiently waiting for a peanut butter sandwich, which one of the men fed him straight out of his hand.

Nesbitt was among the onlookers, gasping in disbelief as they watched the moment in Deep Creek near where her family are staying in a cabin.

The group continued to make sandwiches for the bear who was sat with them as if one of the gang.

‘This was a friend’s cabin and they said that the bear is always around and never really bothers them,’ said Nesbit

‘Some of our group are used to being out in the wild so we were all told to not make sudden movements and stay where we were.’

‘Most of us were scared to death and filmed from the deck but the brave tested their luck.’

The bear emerged from the trees looking for food before joining the group of four men and a woman having a picnic on one of the tables.

The group were enjoying a drink and some snacks while nervously looking at the hungry animal waiting to be served its food.

One of the men decided to get a loaf of bread while pointing his finger and telling the bear to wait while he gets the sandwich ready, just like you would a dog.

In the video you can hear onlookers say ‘This is a f*****g joke right,’ we were thinking it!

When the sandwich is ready, the man holds it up in front of the bear who slowly takes it from his hand.

They even hid the snack of beers in case the bear set his eyes on a refreshing drink.

‘Eventually the momma just walked back into the woods unharmed,’ Nesbit added.


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