What A Difference Love Can Make The Kitten Who Survived A Forlift Accident Never Gave Up And Kept On Fighting

A kitten, who was found badly injured in a factory, has beat the odds and made an incredible recovery.

He was named Warrior as this little kitty survived a “nasty war.”

The little ginger and white kitten was caught in one of the forklift trucks. When Warrior came to The Kitten Cottage, a rescue group in Western Cape, South Africa, he was barely hanging on.

They quickly bandaged him up and put him on strong antibiotics and pain medication, doing everything they could to save his life. It was a hopeless situation, but the kitten was not going to give up without a fight.

After a lot of hard work, finally one day Warrior was able to have a good night sleep.

He woke up the next morning, talking big time and telling his rescuers how he beat the fever and all the stories he had known.

“This is the most amazing kitten I’ve ever met,” Chelsea Lotz of The Kitten Cottage said.

“He doesn’t moan or scratch or run away, he knows that the creams that we apply twice a day are helping him heal.”

With constant care and love, Warrior’s wounds were healing well and he was growing stronger each day.

“Warriors recovery and fight lifted my spirit. To see a kitten fight like this to live and recover made me smile,” Lotz said.

“From day one to today it is amazing how warrior has fought for his life.”

He was determined to live. Warrior’s rescuer bandaged him twice a day, hand-fed the little guy and gave him the medication he needed for his recovery.

After about 4 months Warrior was fully recovered.

It was bittersweet when it was time to send Warrior to his forever loving home.

“In the 5 years of being in rescue and homing many many kittens, never had a kitten that has touched my heart and never had tears in my eyes saying goodbye,” Lotz said.

Warrior has found a wonderful home where he plays with his best friend, three-legged Zen, and has his very own kitty room with everything you can imagine.

Cuddling with his human mom.

“The Kitten Cottage will miss our warrior but we know he is happy, safe and living a life of luxury.”

Look at Warrior now!

Warrior then…

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