Weigh 319 Kg, Apollo The Lion-Tiger Crossbreed Is The Biggest Cat On World

Apollo the lion-tiger crossbreed weighing 319 kg (700 pounds), is the liger who gained the title of the globe’s biggest cat.

Many people compare this liger with the prehistorical saber-tooth tiger, that went extinct 42,000 years ago.

Apollo has become an internet star when Mike Holston and wildlife conservationist Kody Antle posted its footage on Youtube.

Mike said that his teeth and tongue of Apollo are the sizes of his middle finger and forearm respectively. The ex-football celebrity told that he couldn’t even wrap his arms around liger’s neck.

However, the giant is gentle and isn’t against the two men walking with him in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. https://youtu.be/4LYVhTyEMhg

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