Vets call bait dog who lost entire part of face ‘worst case ever’ – but look at her now

They used her as a “bait dog”, but she had more fight in her than they ever imagined!

Abigail Hell Bull was about 3 years old when she was found discarded by the members of a dog fighting ring. She was getting used as a bait dog as she closely resembled a worn-out chew toy. She was dying from deep puncture wounds on her head, lacerations on her back, and a huge wound on her face.

The rescuers who attended her saw that a a part of her face was missing, and her ear was gone too. Her situation was critical and painful, but the vets refused to offer abreast of her. They operated on her multiple times and monitored her non-stop for weeks. Meanwhile, the rescuers shared her story of nightmarish abuse on social media.

Soon, support began to pour into certain Abigail from anywhere on earth.planet. People prayed for her to stay her strength, and fashioned unique hats for her to hide her missing ear. The abundance of affection worked like magic for Abigail. She shocked her caretakers by making a speedy recovery! Her playful, cuddly personality shone through despite the scars that disfigured her permanently!

Abigail still needs some more surgeries, but she’s a cheerful girl now who has left her tragic past behind. She loves her bonnets and hats, and is positive that her new humans won’t let her down anymore. Abigail’s smiles at the top of this video have truly warmed our hearts. She’s a survivor and a lover!

Click the video below to see Abigail’s disturbing story of abuse and her miraculous recovery

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