Under the pouring rain, her swollen belly on the verge of bursting, desperate eyes plead for help from everyone around

A young boy was walking down the road when he saw a pregnant dog lying there helpless. He didn’t know what to do so he took a photo of her and posted it on social media pleading for an adult to come and help him. But no one showed up.

Thankfully a rescue group finally saw the photo and drove to the area immediately. But the dog was nowhere to be found. The animal lovers refused to give up! The rescuers drove around looking for the dog for three days.

Finally, they saw the dog walking down the highway. She had a rectal prolapse, which is very painful. It seemed she had given birth but had lost all of her puppies.

The skinny and depressed mama walked down the road with nowhere to go. But that was all about to change!

They put out a plate of food and prayed she was hungry enough to get close to them. She was so hungry but wouldn’t come closer.

The rescuers realized that she was terrified and had to give her some space. They backed away and watched as she finally ate the food.

Once she was distracted, the rescuers closed in and grabbed her by her hind leg as gently as they could. They laid her down and then wrapped her in a blanket. The poor girl had been through so much. It was time to save her life! They headed straight to the vet clinic.

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