Turkish Woman Drives Up To The Hills To Feed Abandoned Dogs Every Single Day

Despite the laws that help protect stray dogs in Turkey, there is no shortage of people willing to abandon their pets far away from people. Thankfully, this woman is there to help feed and care for them.

In the hills of Sapanca, Turkey, live hundreds of dogs with little access to food or fresh water. These dogs are just a fragment of the millions of stray animals that roam the country that has been abandoned by their owners or have been born on the streets.

Sadly, many of the dogs found in the hills and other areas far from human populations have been duped off by their owners so that they can’t find their way home again. These dogs are at risk of starvation, being eaten by predators, or attacking other dogs.

Fortunately, the dogs of Sapanca, have a guardian angel who has dedicated her life to caring for them. Her name is Nuray and she has been volunteering to take care of stray dogs living in the hills for the past ten years.

Each day after work, Nuray drives up to the hills with a carload of dog food. Once there, she gets out and sets out to feed the hundreds of dogs who rely on her for their survival. She also collects leftover food from hotels and restaurants and delivers it to the dogs.

It takes Nuray about two hours to feed all the dogs. While there, she gives them some love and attention and even takes the injured or ill dogs she comes across to the vet for medical care. The job is big and time-consuming but she is dedicated to the cause of the animals.

Nuray looks at the animals as though they are her children and believes all dogs deserve love. She certainly is proving that every day by spending so much time and money caring for the animals she cares about so much.

The cost of feeding all the dogs is high and with the value of Lira falling and prices rising, she needs all the help she can get. She accepts donations when she can and is planning to launch a website soon. She also uses a Turkish website to receive dog food donations.

If Nuray can help hundreds of dogs, the rest of us can strive to help at least one. Donating time, food, or money to local rescues and shelters is a great way to help the dogs that rely on the compassion of humans for their future.

We hope you were inspired by Nuray’s story. We can’t wait until she has her website up and running so that it is easier to support her cause. As always, please feel free to share her story to spread awareness.

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