”trapped And Left To Die:A Heartbreaking Tale Of A Dog’s Resilience Ung Unheard Cries For Help’

In Russia, a German pooch was injected with poison and buried alive by his previous owner. However, the pup managed to survive by digging his way out of the grave he was buried in and was ultimately saved by compassionate individuals. Fortunately, the dog has since been adopted and will start a new life in a safe and secure home.

While traveling on a highway in Northern Russia, Olga Lysteseva (39) stumbled upon Kiryusha, a tired and weak seven-year-old dog walking slowly on the wet road.

The canine that was poisoned and buried alive by its owner was given a second chance at life thanks to the kindness of strangers. The woman who found the dog had to backtrack a bit after realizing she had passed its location on the highway, but eventually walked the final 10 kilometers to rescue the pup. After feeding it, she drove it a considerable distance of 160 kilometers to an animal rescue center in Ukhta.

Kiryusha’s photos were shared online and the center asked for any information regarding the dog’s owner. The center managed to locate the previous owners, who were a married couple. Upon questioning, they revealed that they considered Kiryusha to be a malevolent creature and had resorted to injecting it with a fatal medicine and burying it alive in some remote location.

As per the relief center, the duo has expressed regret for their mistake. Even though it was a harrowing experience, Kiryusha showed no signs of illness after being examined by a vet. Thanks to the kindness of Olga Lysteseva, Kiryusha now has a new lease on life, shared Ekaterina Nimak, a staff member at the center. Nimak added that Kiryusha is presently doing well and is safe in the relief center. It walks calmly on a leash, steers clear of other dogs, seldom gets into altercations, and doesn’t make people uncomfortable.

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