This Man Loses His Dog And Finally Finds It Saving A Baby Deer In A Lake Near His Home

After a Goldendoodle named Harley rescued the life of a juvenile deer that was about to drown in the deep waters of the city’s lake, the residents of Culpeper, Virginia, in the United States, can attest that heroes come in many forms.

Ralph Dorn spent a few minutes searching the lake behind his house for his adorable 6-year-old puppy when he finally spotted it swimming 200 feet offshore with another animal. Ralph finally understood that it was a little young deer after some time had passed.

I’m not sure how the fawn emerged, but Harley definitely didn’t stop to consider how it happened before acting.


Ralph assisted the deer in climbing a difficult route after Harley had guided it to the ground. The young deer was taken out of the water and placed on the lawn before Harley started to softly lick it.



Ralph said to People

“Harley resisted leaving the fawn. She simply continued connecting with him, kissing him, and tending to him.





After a little while, the young boy’s mother came out to check on her child on the lawn. When Ralph spotted the mother, he decided to take Harley home. The doe waited until they had left before leaving with her young.


The following morning, while the guy and his wife sipped their coffee in silence, something seemed to be upsetting their dog.

Ralph penned:

“Harley became agitated and began to rush from window to window. We could hear the fawn bleating as soon as I opened the front door. Harley saw the fawn as he rushed in that direction. The small boy stopped bleating, and Harley quietly followed me back into the home while waving his tail and sniffing his nose.

Following their brief reunion, the fawn went on, and by the end of the day, neither the baby nor his mother were left. Ralph estimates the child was just a few days old, and he hasn’t seen the mother or her calf since the tragedy. But the former Marine Corps pilot is not surprised by Harley’s response.



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