This Dog Who Spent 10 Years In A Shelter Was Finally Adopted By A Loving Family And Now Lives Happily For The Rest Of His Life

After being rescued from an abusive family by some kindhearted individuals, Tofu, a 14-year-old dog who nobody appeared to want to adopt, spent 10 years living under the shelter’s care. Unfortunately, the elder dog developed cancer and had to have one of his hind legs amputated. He was also blind from old age.

Tofu was thought to spend the remainder of his life in the shelter by many of the staff members who knew him. Nevertheless, everything changed when Danila showed up. She fell in love with the adorable dog and offered him a new opportunity at happiness as well as a loving home.

As she described to Bored Panda:


“One wonderful morning, I awoke and contacted Carol, the shelter organizer, a friend of mine, to inquire about the availability of the oldest dog for adoption. She emailed me the picture of the tofu right away. He was blind, 14 years old, and had just lately had a leg amputated due to cancer.

The woman affirms that the thought of adopting a handicapped, aged, or deaf dog had always crossed her mind. She didn’t have to combine all of these issues into a single canine, and she intended to avoid doing so in the future.

Danila already has five dogs in her household, but she and her husband chose to give Tofu his permanent home since they both felt that he deserved it.

Daniel remembers:

“I had to wait a month for him to recuperate from the limb amputation operation and some other health concerns he was being treated for after opting to adopt him. He had previously been given a collar, clothing, a doghouse, and toys while he waited.


Tofu, on the other hand, adapted well to his new habitat and developed the ability to move freely across the house without running into objects or the wall. The dog, who was saved from maltreatment and spent ten years in a shelter, feels as though a miracle has occurred and that he will now live out his days in genuine happiness.

explains Danielle:

“Sometimes I look at him and wonder how anyone could have mistreated him in the past because he is such a powerful, loving, and compassionate dog. Really, whomever did this has no idea what a great dog he lost. Having tofu in our house is a blessing from God in our life.


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