This Dog Can’t Believe He Was Just Adopted After 2,381 Days At The Shelter

Higgins was a small puppy when he originally entered the shelter and was adopted right away. Unfortunately, he would not stay there permanently. Higgins returned to the shelter in 2012.

He was reportedly left confined to a dog house at his first home. Leslie Renner, executive director of the Humane Society of Preble County in Ohio, claims that he was re-adopted and that a year later someone entered the shelter carrying a stray dog, which turned out to be him.

She stated to The Dodo:

Nobody cared, and nobody came searching for him.

When Higgins was brought up, Leslie would repeatedly overhear the same question: “Why don’t you put him to sleep?”


Leslie wasn’t willing to give up until she found Higgins a forever home even though the oldest inmate of the shelter had lived most of his life behind kennel bars.

More significantly, Higgins didn’t want to give up on trying to find a place to call home.

This dog’s pool of possible adopters was less since he felt more comfortable alone and away from other animals. Leslie was aware that he needed to wait till the correct person appeared, but poor Higgins was repeatedly disregarded.

Lesley stated:

“Puppies or dogs that are 6 months old are in demand. He was a year old when he returned, then two, then three.

After so long in the shelter, prospective adopters believed there was something wrong with Higgins. If it didn’t stay there year after year, why would it?

Brendon Reed, a 22-year-old who had just moved into his first house, entered the shelter on Higgins Day 2,381 and said:

I’m come to return Higgins to his house.

Leslie was taken aback.

Brendon believed Higgins was the perfect dog for him after viewing his picture online and learning about his life.


He stated:

“He was simply a gorgeous dog. Just seemed so adorable… I’m puzzled as to how he was not adopted.”


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