This Dog Abandoned By His Family Because He Can’t Walk Has Found A Friend Like Him And Is Very Happy

This dog was left behind by his family because they didn’t want a dog that couldn’t walk. Now that he has a better family that would never forsake him, he is content in a permanent home with a pal just like him.

Cheetos’ “family” abandoned him after a vehicle accident left him unable to move his hind legs, so Dog Tales Rescue & Sanctuary sent him to Ontario, Canada in an effort to find him a new home. his ideal family


According to Clare Forndran of Dog Tales Rescue & Sanctuary, “when he came, our entire staff quickly fell in love with this wonderful, happy-go-lucky boy.”

Cheetos started to put his life back together while in the sanctuary’s care, in large part because of the new, specially made wheelchair he received, but he was unable to locate a place to call home.


Even though he was such a cheerful and exceptional dog, not many people were interested in adopting a dog with special needs.

Potential adopters showed very little interest, according to Clare. Many families are looking for the “ideal” dog, and prioritizing special needs dogs always takes more time.


But Adrianna Bucci was the key; she was an expert in canines with movement issues. Four years ago, Chewy, her own dog, had similarly developed intervertebral disc degeneration and lost the use of her hind legs.

Chewy and Cheetos just met, and they clicked right away. According to Clare, there was an instant link between Cheetos and Chewy. They both appeared to believe they had finally found a match.


“They ran about our yard together for more than an hour, and they all understood they were supposed to be together.”

Cheetos and his new pal are now content with a loving family that would never desert them as special needs pups after Adrianna adopted Cheetos, as is obvious.

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