The Viral Kiss Of A Baby Seal To The Diver He Just Met In The Ocean

Some aquatic animals, like seals and penguins, may look cute, but it has been shown that when these species are on dry ground, they can be highly aggressive against humans. In the water, not so!

The friendly and lively nature of seals in the sea, especially when they are young, is captured in a video posted on social media by a group of divers who had the chance to dive off the coast of Argentina.

In the sea, these species are a tremendous delight for people with good intentions who approach them with the purpose of having a deeper connection and enjoying their distinctive company. It’s likely that these creatures feel more vulnerable on shore.

A highly interested and restless newborn seal intercepts three divers in the video, which was shot in Puerto Madryn, Argentina. He initially approaches the young man who is filming the event, giving him an incredible display of affection in addition to biting his visor.

That’s correct, the young man gets a lovely kiss from the seal as it pounces on his mouth. The video has received millions of views and comments online.

Following their kiss, the seal turns around and mingles with the other two persons we can see in the video before leaving. The divers are really surrounded by amiable seals, who gently and curiously approach them in a wider shot.

It is not unexpected that visitors to this region of the Argentine coast are so enthusiastically accepted by the local wildlife given that Puerto Madryn is widely known for having a sizable population of sea lions, penguins, whales, and dolphins.

Seals, often known as sea dogs, are among the most sociable and entertaining aquatic creatures there are. Many films exist that demonstrate how frequently they approach people out of curiosity, to play, or even to ask for a little assistance.


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