The Touching Moment When A Woman Takes Her Disabled Dogs To The Beach For A Day Of Enjoyment

 Dogs are among of the purest creatures on the planet. Even the smallest daily events, like taking a walk or seeing their parents get home from work, can cause our canine friends great joy.Nothing beats exploring nature, most dogs would agree, yet some dogs find it harder than others.It is challenging for disabled dogs to navigate terrain that comes naturally to most canines.

For canine wheelchairs, difficult terrain, dense flora, and bodies of water are all no-nos.

beaches, with their miles of sand and water, could also be off the table, which is unfortunate since most dogs like visiting beaches.

You know that unfathomable feeling of joy you have at the beach? Dogs, however, are affected by it 10 times more strongly.

Salima Kadaoui was determined to give her 18 impaired pups the same opportunity to enjoy the beach as any other dog.

Salima created the SFT Animal Sanctuary in Tangiers, Morocco. Many of the dogs she saves have permanent injuries from being hit by cars and left abandoned.

Fortunately, Salima rarely gives up on her dogs because she is aware that if they can change their way of life, they can still lead happy, fulfilling lives.

On July 4, she took a few of her dogs on a day trip to show the potential of rehabilitation.

The dogs raced Salima from one end of the beach to the other despite having only their front legs functional.

Imagine being asleep on the sand, hearing a commotion, and then looking up to see 18 dogs racing in wheelchairs!


There are dogs of all sizes on the beach, from a tiny corgi to a huge german shepherd. It’s incredible how useful the canine wheelchair has been in saving lives.

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