The Tired Boy And His Cow Lost The Competition, Fell Asleep And Conquered The Internet!

Mitchell Miner, 15, and his cow Audri participated in the Lowe State Cauldron Fair.
Unfortunately, they didn’t manage to win a notable place, but that didn’t discourage them. This day was so exhausting that the boy fell asleep, with his favourite cow Audrey! This caring cow did something that is not very typical for an animal. She hugged the tired boy as if to comfort him for a bad result. They were fifth out of a total of seven participants. When the boy’s father entered the barn to look for his son, he found this touching scene.

He looked sad, but also full of love. He immediately took a camera to capture the moment.
When he posted the video online, the comments were more than good, and the father wrote:
“Our son Mitchell and his heifer after yesterday’s show”. The video immediately went viral and received more than 15,000 likes by the next day.
The boy’s parents were thrilled by this unusual connection between a man and a cow. They have always tried to teach their children about life in the countryside. They believed that a good person consists of love and care for animals.

“We learned a lot on the farm,” says Jeremy Miner, Mitchell’s father. “We have those values in us and we try to do everything we can to keep them.”

It is certain that the boy will not give up, maybe he will have better luck next time.

Watch a video about this unusual moment:

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