The One-Eyed Dog Who Was Abused Is Now Living A Happy Life – Life Is Beautiful

Many cases of abuse are all around us, and the most vulnerable are often the ones who suffer, as was the case with Bubbles, a bull terrier puppy who was brutally tortured.

A soulless guy shot this small child, causing her to lose an eye and a portion of her jaw, as well as beating her with a hammer.

Bubbles was taken in by a dog shelter in Houston, Texas, when she was just 6 months old.

This caused him to lose his right eye and also kiIIed his jaw and inner ear.

One-eyed dog because of abuse is now happy.

In September 2017, Kilyn Horton Blanchard and her husband, Ike Blanchard, proprietors of a mobile dog grooming firm, helped at the shelter and met Bubbles, who was severely dâmâgеd when he arrived.

Kilyn told Metro :

“His right jaw joint was fractured, and the brơkеn bones had healed into a calcified mass. Bubbles’ mouth could only open a half-inch. It is unexpected.

Kilyn Horton and her husband ultimately âdơрted Bubbles. She stated that she knew she should take the small puppy home as soon as she saw her.

Kilyn commented,

” She was resting in her kennel when we opened it, but the immediately we did, she sprang out and put her head in my breast, begging to be loved.”

Since she was rеscuеd, this bull terrier has amassed thousands of Instagram followers.

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