The Hero Dog That Saved The Life Of A Newvorn Baby Left In A Landfill Touched Millions Of People Around The World

The image of intelligent and loyal dogs who are always ready to make sacrifices to save people has caused a great stir in public opinion recently.

From the dogs that saved the newborn baby abandoned by her mother…

Recently, the online community is sharing “busy” pictures and information about the dog in the slums of Sao Paulo – Brazil. People were extremely surprised and surprised to see this dog holding a red baby hidden by the roadside and running to the local clinic.

Hình ảnh chú chó ngậm nhẹ đứa trẻ sơ sinh để tìm người giúp đỡ đã khiến nhiều người xúc động. Ảnh: Internet

The image of a dog gently holding a newborn baby to find help has moved many people. Photo: Internet




During a search for food in a trash can, the dog suddenly discovered a newborn baby had just been born, sticking to the umbilical cord and still alive. After that, the dog took the poor child and went around looking for help. Fortunately, the dog found a local clinic to save the baby.

According to local media, this baby was  born prematurely at only 6 months but fortunately survived. After being discovered and saved by the dog in time, the baby was taken to Sao Paulo hospital and raised in an incubator.

Đây có thể là hình ảnh khiến con người còn phải suy nghĩ nhiều. Ảnh: Internet

This can be an image that makes people think a lot. Photo: Internet

this image makes many people sad and touched. And  the more praising the dog, the more people feel sorry for the “inhuman” action of the mother who has “stopped” giving birth but then is thinking to throw it away.Previously, a similar incident also occurred in Muang district, Chon Buri province (Thailand). Accordingly, a stray dog saved an infant from being attacked by other dogs. A witness to the incident named  Noi Phongsakorn (63 years old) told the media that he saw two stray dogs biting each other over something next to the trash can.

Chú chó Nom Sod đã làm cả thế giới phải quan tâm khi cứu sống đứa trẻ sơ sinh bị mẹ vứt bỏ bên đường. Ảnh: Internet

The dog  Nom Sod  made the world pay attention when he saved the life of a newborn baby abandoned by his mother on the side of the road.

Đứa trẻ tội nghiệp đã được chú chó cứu sống. Ảnh: Internet

The poor child was saved by the dog. Photo: Internet

It is known that the rescue force then arrived and took the child to the emergency hospital. It was a newborn baby girl weighing only 2 kg.

“At first I thought they were fighting for the doll to play with, but when I heard the crying, I knew it was a baby. At this moment, another dog named  Nom Sod  rushed in and tried to bring the baby to a patch of grass about 10 meters away. The dog’s actions are likened to a hero”, “Noi Phongsakorn” said.Or the case where the  dog named  Elly  tried to gently hold a newborn baby with its umbilical cord intact, brought it to the front door of a nearby house, and barked continuously to get attention. When the owner of the house discovered the baby, he quickly took the baby to the emergency room. Fortunately, the baby’s health was stable thanks to the dog’s timely detection. It is known that the incident happened on  Baiqtloha street, Muscat city, in the Sultanate of Oman. Before that, the newborn baby was ruthlessly dumped by the mother in a trash can on the corner of the street.

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