The Elephant Sheds Tears As She Is Rescued After More Than 70 Years In Captivity!!

Elephants are wonderful animals so kind and loving! ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for Sook Jai the 73 years old bl.ind elephant in saving her from the rest of her life in tor.ment and and bringing her home to a sanctuary of love and freedom…! ♥️🐘❤️‍🩹🙏
Elephants 🐘 are the most amazing animal ❤️ so smart have feelings just like you and me.. God bless her 🙏 🙏 ❤️

Elephants are not and have never wanted to be kept as pets; they cannot be happy in cap.tiv.ity; their true home is in the deep green jungle. It’s a great pity that no one cares whether they’re happy or not. What people do is fully exploit their worth, even a.bu.sing and tor.turing po.or elephants.

Sook Jai is a 73-year-old elephant who has spent most of her life in cap.tiv.ity and has been [bru.tally]. was so.ld to various owners and forced to do a variety of jobs ranging from tourist trekking to street begging. This had a [ im.pact on her he.alth], causing her to [] her sight and most of her hearing.

She was a.bu.sed both physically and mentally for decades and has never dreamed of living freely and not being [for.c.ed] to work!

Fortunately, Elephant Nature Park, an elephant rehabilitation and rehabilitation center in Northern Thailand, came to pick up Sook Jai and give her a new home at their sanctuary. The elephant was 73 years old and in poor health when she arrived. The rescuers were moved to tears by the [wo.un.ds] on her head and body; they felt compelled to give her the best care possible.

On the journey to Elephant Nature Park, the team warmed the truck when it was cold and cooled the elephants when it was hot, Sook Jai wasn’t used to being treated so well. Despite the rescue team’s best efforts, she still showed signs of fatigue and refused to eat, but when Sook Jai sensed something from the rescuers, she burst into tears. Everyone’s heart was moved by this beautiful moment.

The following days, Sook Jai can live a more comfortable, peaceful life in the reserve for the rest of his life. She is deserving of such a life!

Glad she is safe. Sweet girl. 🐘
Elephants are such wonderful animals kind loving and caring…🐘❤️

Thank you everyone involved in the rescue of the po.or Elephant.
God bless her and the people that saved this marvellous creature…! Am so pleased she will have love & care for the rest of her life. 💖 💞 ♥️❤️🙏🙏🙏

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