Sweet Pit Bull Loves To Takes Naps On Fluffy Dogs At Her Doggy Daycare

Everyone loves to nap on a big comfy bed but this little pit bull takes her napping to the next level by sleeping on the softest, fluffiest dog she can find.

Edna the sweet brown and white pit bull spends her days playing at doggy day care.  However, after a few hours of fun, she needs her beauty sleep.

Since comfy beds are limited at the day care because all the dogs usually decide its sleepy time, at the same time, Edna found a cozy solution.

Edna simply seeks out the fluffiest most snuggliest dog at day care and cuddles up for a nap.  The other doggies don’t seem to mind her sweet little self using them for a bed and they fall asleep right along with her.

In fact, her antics are sort of a trademark at the daycare and the staff just lets her do her thing.

According to her fur mom, Brianna Gottfried, Edna has been doing this since she was a small puppy and none of the other dogs seem to mind, even the wiener dog who is nearly the same size as she is finds her irresistible.

Each day when her mom picks her up, she finds her sleeping on another dog.  Her mom says,

“When it’s time to go home, I always have to peel her off of another dog.”

Edna is certainly adorable and also a stellar example of just how loving her breed can be.

Just like all dogs, pit bulls need love, socialization, and training and it’s obvious that Edna gets all that and more from her great mom.


The pictures of her cozied up with her canine buddies are super cute, in fact, all the dogs are just super adorable.


We hope we get to see more pictures of Edna at daycare and wish her many happy naps in the future.

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