Stray puppy wanders onto naval base and finds the hero he needs to survive

This puppy has walked onto the base and straight into the heart of the Commander. And now he plans to import this canine to the United States. That’s an excellent idea, and Paws of War is ready and willing to lend a paw in making it a reality.

Unfortunately, stray cats and dogs can be found in every corner of the globe.

Some of them become saved and adopted by wonderful families. Additionally, some are saved and taken to safe houses. Still some cats and dogs that have been abandoned continue to roam the streets, dodging criminals and trying to make a living.



On occasion, they are rescued, but more often, they are not.

For the dog’s sake, he’s stumbled into a good spot.

The U.S. Navy base in Europe was visited by a stray puppy of around six months of age. When a naval officer from the United States caught sight of him, he knew the man was doomed to die.



He understood the base’s motto, “Those who enter alive, depart alive,” also applied to this little puppy. Scooping him up in his arms, he made up his mind that this puppy would be staying with him for the foreseeable future.

He was given the name Griffon, and soon became popular amongst friends and family.

When word got around that there was a dog on base, all the soldiers and staff were eager to meet Griffon. People were amused by his adorable appearance and antics.


The U.S. Naval Commander and Griffon developed a close relationship, to the point where they began to care for one another as if they were blood relatives. The Commander’s every move was closely tracked by Griffon. Furthermore, Commander Griffon knew that when the time came, he would be sent back to the United States with him due of their familial ties.

That wasn’t going to be a quick or inexpensive task. The Commander realized he required assistance, so he contacted the Paws of War War-Torn Pups and Cats Program.

This is why Paws of War is committed to assisting active-duty military personnel in bringing their adopted pets back to the United States.


It’s not a cheap option. Quarantining is essential,” Robert Misseri of Paws of Wars said. There is a range from $3,000 to $7,000 for a medical quarantine in the Middle East.

They’ve helped hundreds of veterans and countless pets become service and support animals for those who’ve served their country.




The Commander of the United States Naval Forces (who prefers to remain unidentified) has requested this service so that he might return Griffon to his loved ones.


Griffon is an excellent canine. He is kind to strangers and canine companions alike, and he enjoys eating. Gary Baumann, a representative for Paws of War, has reported that the dog is doing quite well. Soon, we all plan to get together again. There is a wife and children waiting to greet Griffon upon his return to Maryland, where the commander hails from.


To assist fund the move, the non-profit has been asking its supporters and other animal-lovers to make online donations.

Over 40 people have donated between $10 and $100 so far to help this puppy find his way back to the Commander and his new home.


Paws of War is doing wonderful work for service members who wish to find permanent homes for the animals they adopt. Donating to their cause can help them continue their important work saving lives.

Below is a video explaining what Paws of War is.

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