State Trooper Adopts Dog After Saving Her From Intense Summer Heat

After a call of alert from a good Samaritan, a state trooper found the little dog on the side of the road malnourished and suffering in the extreme heat. Unwilling to leave her alone, he stayed by her side until she would accept help and then adopted her as his own.

On June 15th, 2022, Tennessee Highway Patrol Officer Pumpy Tudors got a call about a little white dog laying off the side of the road. The day was sweltering and as he rolled up, he noticed the dog looked as though it had collapsed from the heat. The trooper stopped and discovered that not only was the dog suffering from heat exhaustion, but she was also very skinny.

His heart went out to the dog, and he knew he had to help her. So, he took a chair, and while holding an umbrella over her to provide her some shade, he fed her snacks and water that he had in his vehicle.

Patiently he stayed with her until he could gain her trust. When he felt that the timing was right, he carefully picked her up and carried her to his car. He then gave the dog to Cleveland Tennessee Animal Control, so they could treat her medically.

“Today was #Ruff for #MansBestFriend. Thanks to a #GoodSamaritan, a Trooper was alerted to a dog in need on this hot summer day. The dog was on the side of #Interstate75 parched and desperately needing water and shelter from the heat. Now, this sweet pup is being treated well at Cleveland TN Animal Control,” Tennessee Highway Patrol shared on Facebook.

Officer Tudors didn’t forget about the dog he and his family was now calling Princess. It turned out that she needed life-saving veterinary care and spent a week getting treatment. Despite this, Officer Tudors adopted the dog and will be able to bring her home when she’s fully recovered.

“Trooper Tudors has adopted the dog he rescued. His family named her #Princess. She is still receiving treatment at the facility until she can go to her #ForeverHome,” Tennessee Highway Patrol wrote.

Princess’s story had a happy ending but it’s a good reminder that pets need protection from the extreme heat. We wish her all the best for her recovery and are so happy that she will live out the rest of her days as the princess that she is.


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