Sorrowful owner is reunited with his elderly dog ten years after it went missing… Pictures are attached…

Despite the fact that the dog had been missing for over a decade, the owner and his senior pet were reunited after being reconnected by an animal sanctuary in Texas.

He was obviously distraught, which ‘broke his family’s hearts,’ but after trying all they could to locate him down, he seemed to have vanished into thin air for all time.

Let’s fast forward to 2021 when the unfortunate puppy was taken into the shelter in a really deplorable state of condition.

During his examination for a microchip, Samson was discovered to have one, which led to the discovery of his owner, who was shocked by the news and raced over to meet his dog.

Mr. C, who preferred to remain anonymous, was concerned that his pet might not recognize him after all these years, but the two finally had a bittersweet reunion.

When Mr. C sat in the waiting room to meet Samson for the first time in ten years, this was the idea that went through his brain.

Because, as you may recall, Samson went missing a decade ago, breaking the hearts of his family. They tried all they could to track him down but were unsuccessful. Despite this, they never forgot about him.

“The six other abandoned dogs with whom Samson had been living came into our care last month, and we took them all in. He was in really bad condition, filthy, and covered with fleas when we found him.

“Before he could be treated, he was checked for a microchip, which we were able to detect. After learning that Samson had been located, Mr. C raced over to the American Chemical Society.”

He had been looking forward to seeing his beloved Samson after so many years, and now it had come time for the long-awaited reunification. ‘Samson, it’s me,’ Mr. C whispered quietly as he bent down to greet him. ‘Do you remember who I am?’

“Samson stepped up to him and smelled the back of his hand with care and slowness. We could see Mr. C was crying as he remarked, ‘They took away the years that were better for us.’”

Additionally, staff members stressed the necessity of microchipping dogs, noting that: “Despite the fact that we don’t know what happened to Samson throughout those years, the power of microchips remains intact.

“We are so glad that they are able to be together at this time. We can never emphasize enough how crucial it is to microchip your dogs, and in San Antonio, microchip licensing is the law as of January 1, 2015.

“Dear Mr. C and Samson, many congratulations on your reunion! We hope you are able to create some wonderful new memories.”

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