The military’s valiant soldiers have long fought for the liberty of their country.They put everything on the line, including their own lives, to ensure their countrymen’s freedom.However, they are not alone on the battlefield; they are accompanied by their devoted four-legged companions.Most of us are familiar with the terms K-9, war dogs, and military dogs.

These military dogs do not fight on the battlefield; instead, they play a much more important role during and before combat.They can detect danger from afar, such as land mines and other explosive devices, thanks to their exceptional sense of smell.Simply put, military dogs save the lives of our brave soldiers by keeping them safe from potential danger.

However, once their service in the warzone is completed, these dogs retire and are frequently placed for adoption.It is usually prioritized to have them adopted or reunited with the soldiers with whom they worked.However, this is not always the case due to unforeseen circumstances such as the soldier’s financial ability to adopt them.

Fortunately, guardian angels can be found everywhere.The world is indeed blessed with Good Samaritans who are filled with nothing but kindness.Molli Oliver, a flight attendant from California who has worked for United Airlines for over four decades, is one of them.

But she’s more than just a flight attendant; she also helps reunite military war dogs with the soldiers who tagged along with them during their service.Despite the fact that traveling is an expensive hobby, Molli was able to pursue it with her own money.

“I adore the dogs, and I adore my military, which has protected my liberty my entire life.
So combining the two is a win-win situation.”She’s already reunited three military dogs with their owners, and she’s about to do it for the fourth time.

A yellow labrador named Taylor was deployed in Afghanistan twice, and there, she’s known by many as “Tay-Tay” or “Princess Taylor.” She served as a bomb-sniffing dog and saved a lot of soldiers from grave danger.She was so good that the Taliban forces even put a bounty on her head.

Molli knew she had to do the right thing after hearing Taylor’s story and reuniting her with the military dog’s previous handler, Sergeant Tom Hanson.She wasted no time in booking a first-class flight to Boise to make the reunion a reality.

Sergeant Hanson felt this way during what seemed like the longest waiting game of his life.”It’s like a piece of me has been missing, and getting her back now will make me whole again,” he explained to NBC News.

Molly and Taylor went straight ahead to meet the ecstatic soldier, and after two long years apart, they’re back in each other’s arms once more.Taylor’s tail wagging nonstop like a twister as the two shared a warm hug after not seeing each other in a long time.

Sergeant Hanson is eternally grateful for what Molli did.Hopefully, more capable people will step forward and follow in her footsteps to make the world a better place for both dogs and humans.



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