Skinny Dog Dared To Lean Against The Wall,Waiting To Receive The Leftovers Of Heartless Men

Hello, Baikal! My eyes started to tear up, and my heart ached when I saw his photo.

Baikal was perched against a wall, eagerly awaiting leftovers from a nearby supermarket. None other than a dry skeleton, you must admit.

The worst animal on the earth is man. While a starving, chilly puppy begged for their help, they had plenty to eat. They showed no concern. He left to look for a different chance.


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Baikal was downcast and discouraged. terribly ill and handicapped. It had demodicosis all over its body.

After solace, Baikal was driven to the veterinarian by a nice volunteer from the non-profit Russian charity Angel Sobaki Help. She spoke to this beautiful youngster a lot in the ride.


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Ocular inflammation and discharge The ears are emitting an unpleasant scent. I had never before seen claws so long.

Vets wanted to help him forget everything he had gone through because of how kind he was.

The following day, they brought Baikal for an ultrasound, and his intestines started to swell. Probably as a result of going for several days without eating. Following nutrient ingestion, Baikal is already feeling better.


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After just nine days, Baikal is able to move around, trusts everyone, and is nice with everything. She resembles a sheepdog quite a bit. He is 31 kg in weight.

Nearly two months later, Baikal had developed into a really gorgeous man with a pleasant nose. What a remarkable change. He is merely a boisterous puppy who is ecstatic about his lovely days.


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He is trying to find a house! Possibly someone could offer him the chance to be a decent son.

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