Shelter Dog Who Didn’t Want To Look At Anyone Makes The Most Amazing Transformation

When Chelsea Elizabeth Cossairt saw a picture of the dejected shelter dog Clementine on the Ginger’s Pet Rescue website, the dog was just a few days away from being put to death. The dog, who was extremely emaciated, was discovered by animal control on the streets of southern California, USA, a few weeks ago.

Clementine was placed on the shelter’s fictitious “death row” because of her various medical issues, but something far better was in store for her. Something about the tiny picture of her captured Chelsea’s attention, and she applied right away. Shortly after, the rescue center called her.

“When she learned that we were interested in her, the representative from Ginger’s Pet Rescue broke down in tears.

The worker at the rescue facility noted that Clementine still had a long way to go in her condition. But Chelsea was prepared to play along and do whatever it took to aid the cute dog’s recovery.

It was clear from the moment the woman finally met Clementine that she had never experienced true love.

Account for Chelsea:

“Clementine couldn’t look anyone in the eye because she was so scared of them. She spent months sitting in front of the wall, hiding behind furniture, and trembling constantly. Her eyes were dejected and vacant. When we approached her or were close to her, she never gave us a direct look in the eye and would tilt her head.”

Fortunately, Clementine was at ease among other dogs and quickly grew fond of her new siblings, Moose and Maple. Chelsea suddenly realized that her newest member may be a content dog.

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