Shelter Dog Meets New Family And Hugs Him Right Away

Maggie’s life is full of heartache until she meets her forever family. Now, she can’t stop hugging them.
Mary McGraw and her husband Mark had just lost their rescue dog, Mischka, to cancer a few months ago. They weren’t sure if they wanted to fill the void, but then they met Maggie. “She melted my heart,” McGraw told Dodo. “We lost another dog a few months before meeting Maggie and it was just a meet and greet in my heart. At the time I didn’t think I was ready for a new dog.” Guy and wild sharks have been best friends for decades.
Rescue arranges a meet-and-greet, and Maggie’s charm makes the McGraw family irresistible. “I bent down so she wouldn’t be intimidated, and within seconds, she was in my lap, all my life,” McGraw said. “Her story broke our hearts. Meeting her was love at first sight, love at first sight. We felt she was meant to be with us.” Before this happy ending, Maggie was neglected and used for breeding by her former owner. Rescue pairs Maggie with a loving foster family where she can regain her strength. After months of recovery, she was finally ready for adoption. “She became one of the cutest dogs we’ve ever had,” Andra Mack told Dodo. “The moment Maggie met her new dad, my husband and I just looked at each other—because we knew it. It was like a movie.”
The moment Mack saw Maggie meet McCraws, she knew she’d found the right fit. Maggie kept hugging them as if to say, “Thank you.” “They were meant to be together,” Mack said. “The clear sunlight in the video made me believe that their former dog, Mischka, was looking down at that meeting and smiling.”
The McGraw family wholeheartedly agreed. Save sweet bulldogs to make their lives better. “Maggie brings joy to everyone she meets and keeps making our lives better,” McGraw said. “Looking in those eyes just makes the world a better place.” To help homeless dogs like Maggie get the care they need, you can donate to Halfway There Rescue. Enjoy the video! Please share the post with your friends!

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