Shattered Dog Struck In Head Wants To Live Despite His Body Shutting Down

“We keep calling out his name and praying for him around the clock. He’s still fighting so hard to live and needs all the prayers he can get!” After receiving a call about his abuse, the poor little dog was rescued. His owner, who was alleged to love him, got irritated and hit him over the top. His injuries were severe. The dog’s little head was swollen and he wasn’t responsive at first initially.
Once the small dog received the vet clinic, he was assessed immediately. His head trauma meant his future was uncertain. Every hour is important because he is closely monitored. If he made a turn for the more severe, there wouldn’t be much the vet could do. But everyone was already so keen on the small fighter. His new humane friends and advocates would make sure that the small pup was safe and not in pain.
Surprisingly, despite the seizures, the dog started to strengthen.enhance. He was so happy to find out all kinds human who came to his kennel. His tail is wagging. It’s incredible how a dog is often so badly mistreated by a person’s and still accept people as his friends.
As the dog steadily improved, the doc came up with a superb treatment plan which incorporates anti-seizure medication, a diet rich in protein, and much of affection from all his new friends! When we spoke, the puppy was still recovering. His future is uncertain so, he needs all the prayers he can get. Are you able to send some his way? ToTo identify the puppy warrior for yourself, scroll down and press play!

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