Rufus The Rescued Kangaroo Insists On Daily Couch Cuddles With Dad

By. Supuni

Today we bring to you the story of a rescue kangaroo named Rufus who simply adores resting on the couch watching television and cuddling his human dad. This lazy kangaroo was rescued when he was just an eight-month-old joey. Rufus’s adoptive mom, Kym Haywood, runs the Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary in Boston. Even though Rufus is all grown up now, his obsession with the couch hasn’t ended. The kangaroo even has his favorite spot on the couch.

This adorable kangaroo comes through the back door every evening just so he could have a chill-out session on the couch in front of the television. It is no easy task for Kym to get the kangaroo to bed since Rufus loves staying in his favorite position. Video footage of the kangaroo depicts him slumping onto the sofa and burying his head when his adoptive mom tells him it’s bedtime

Even though the human owners try to bribe him with grapes to get him out of the couch, the clever kangaroo accepts the grapes but flops back down onto the sofa. His owners don’t even fight for space on the couch anymore. They just move further away on the couch as the kangaroo grows. Apparently, that spot is all Rufus’s. When people come over to their house, they tell them that no one can sit in Rufus’s spot since it is reserved for him.

The two humans Kym and her husband Neil sacrifice their couch space for the kangaroo who has been with them since he was just eight months old. But they are more than happy to do so because they love Rufus and enjoy hanging out with him every day. When the kangaroo began lounging on the couch, the two humans believed it to be the cutest thing ever. Rufus is definitely a unique kangaroo who adores the couch, he feels safe there.

He even watches a bit of television on the couch and falls into a deep sleep on his safe spot. Although the human parents didn’t get Rufus off the couch, they covered it with mattress protectors in order to avoid any mishaps. His adoptive mom and dad go along with whatever makes him happy. Rufus does get cranky at times when he doesn’t want the two humans sitting next to him. He then pushes them off the couch very gently.


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