Researchers Find A Tiny Baby possum And Are Happy To Realize There’s More

Recently, Australian Wildlife Conservancy researchers checked a few of the animal nest boxes at North Head Sanctuary in the hopes that there was an animal inside. When they opened one of the boxes, they were amazed to see a little animal inside that was just 7 grams and no bigger than a pinky finger. This was a remarkable signal.

One of the tiniest possum species in the world, the tiny creature was a young eastern pygmy possum. The discovery of the possum was encouraging since it demonstrated an increase in possum numbers at the refuge. There must be many more possums in the area if this one was present.

It’s as big as a grown man’s pinkie!


According to Dr. Viyanna Leo, a researcher at the conservancy, “it’s always a nice surprise finding a mum at home with new juveniles during our nest box checks.” Because the eastern pygmy possum population at the sanctuary is “a reintroduced population,” she added, “coming across new, healthy juveniles is a positive sign that individuals are happily breeding and adding to the population.”

They’re absolutely adorable. It is unreal how creatures this small exist.

The conservancy’s goal is to enhance the ecology by reintroducing native animal species to this region of Australia. The Eastern Pygmy Possum lives at night. It’s really amazing to see one because they are so little and hardly ever seen during the day. The sleepy possums can be held by researchers during routine checkups throughout the cooler months. Leo said that you may frequently take them out of nest boxes and they would continue to sleep in your palm.

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