Rescuers Move Paradise And Earth To Rescue Sick Dog Left On A Bridge To Die

When Hope For Paws is contacted us to rescue a dog they move paradise and earth to rescue him or her. Dennis was no different

” Dennis was abandoned on a bridge and was left to pass away. When a young man, Gabriel Sepulveda passed by on his skateboard, he saw Dennis and remembered watching the Hope For Paws video clip of Jordan, so he recognized to call us,” wrote Eldad Hagar.

” It took Lisa Chiarelli and I two hrs to reach the location, and what we saw was scary. Dennis got on the ground, not able to move, and was covered with ticks.” They hurried him to hospital and began cleaning him up. Lisa’s canine, Lola, was rushed to the hospital so she might donate blood for Dennis because he was enduring severe anemia. They worked hard to save him.

” For the next 5 days Dennis was seen by neurologists, cardiologists, and interior medicine experts, but all of this was not enough …” claimed Eldad. “Dennis was too far gone, and his body was closing down.”

Dennis died soon after. Rest in Peace, Dennis.

” Not all saves have pleased endings … it is necessary to understand that! Dennis was neglected somewhere for a long time, and no one spoke for him. If you see a pet in need, please claim something … do something,” Eldad pleads. “Please share so people will certainly recognize to take action next time they see a case of neglect or abuse. Thank you, Eldad.”

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