Rescuers Give An Unforgettable Month To This Dog With A Facial Tumor

Serenity, a four-year-old husky, was taken in by Patti Dawson, the head of the Dallas, Texas-based charity Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform, who took over the pup’s care after adopting her from a San Antonio shelter.


Serenity has Chondrosarcoma, an untreatable facial malignancy that damaged her entire face. From his nasal cavities to his eye sockets and skull, the tumor has spread. Even her constant discomfort couldn’t keep this gorgeous husky from displaying her personality to the rescuers, who noticed all of her beauty.


“He went straight to an oncologist, internal medicine expert, and a critical specialist for a full examination.”

Dallas Dog Rescue Rehab Reform was founded to assist in the rescue of stray dogs in South Dallas, but it has now evolved into a refuge for dogs that have little chance of being adopted.


Patti is a special education teacher who has always prided herself on helping people in need, as she explains:

“I despise to admit it, but the undesirable. The ones that are more challenging. Those are our specialties… I knew we were going to battle to the death to save her because she still had life in her.”


Patti decided to use the time she had with Serenity to contact animal photographer Renee Dowhaniuk and arrange a lovely picture shoot. They aimed on showcasing the husky’s beauty in each shot, and the woman who photographed several shelters said the spirit of Serenity was something special.


Rene continued, ”

“That little girl’s nose was working and her tail was wagging as soon as we pulled her out of Patti’s vehicle and set her down on the ground.”


Serenity’s images went viral in a matter of days, and Patti got more than 300 relief packages of all types after posting them on her Facebook page. She also mentioned that she received a lot of backlash after uploading the photos, with some suggesting that she should be sacrificed to avoid exacerbating her misery, but Patti chose to focus on making her happy.

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