Remarkable Turnaround: Shelter Cat, Initially Given A Few Weeks To Live Surprisingly Declared Cancer-Free

A shelter cat who was believed to have just 1-3 months left after being diagnosed with cancer has gotten an unbelievable miracle.

According to a Facebook post from Humane Pennsylvania, a cat named Reese ended up in the care of the Lancaster Center for Animal Life-Saving after his former caretaker’s health declined and they could no longer afford vet care.

Reese was in poor condition: “Reese had significant scabbing, and missing fur, and was overweight and drooling excessively,” Humane Pennsylvania wrote.

Worst of all, vets noticed a mass under his tongue and determined that he was likely suffering from mouth cancer. He was estimated to have just 1-3 months to live.

A hospice adopter reportedly took him in, but he was soon returned to the shelter. He didn’t get along with the other shelter cats, and Lancaster Center continued to search for a home for Reese.

Over time, they noticed something unexpected: Reese was surprisingly resilient given his diagnosis, and actually “began to thrive.” After volunteers noticed Reese’s progress, they decided to cover the cost of a biopsy to see if the mass was actually cancerous.

It turns out, it wasn’t: the results indicated that the mass was completely clear of cancer cells!

A cat who was thought to be close to death actually had plenty of life left in him, and after that miraculous new diagnosis Reese’s life turned around: according to Humane Pennsylvania, Reese was adopted by a new family just days later.

“He is adjusting well and loves being on the move!” they wrote on Facebook.

They thanked volunteers, doctors, staff members and supporters for helping give this cat a new life: “Reese was given a second chance at being a happy, healthy house cat.”

What a miracle — we’re so glad Reese is free of cancer and has now found a great new home!

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