Puppy Whose Tail Was Cut Off With Scissors Finds A Loving Forever Home

A puppy whose tail was cut off with scissors finally found a home that he would love forever she deserves.

Smouse lives in the town of De Doorns in South Africa. Thankfully, she wasn’t living there long before Sidewalk Specials stepped in and rescued her from the abusive home.

Before she was rescued, her owner used scissors to chop her tail off (a horrible practice called “docking”) which left her in pain and agony.

In the end, the wound on the tail was finally infected, and Little Smos needed a savior, and it was very fast. Her savior came in the sort of Sidewalk Specials.
The rescue organization stepped in and confiscated her from her abusive owner and need to work on healing her, both physically and mentally.

Though Smouse’s story had a rough start, she’s now thriving in life! the small dog has overcome such a lot trauma and hardship, and she’s even found the loving forever home she so deserves.

Although her old home left her outside due to severe open wounds and infections, her new home spoiled her with a lot of toys, play time and healthy socializing with other dogs.
It’s clear she found the right slot in a family and that we couldn’t be happier for her.

Watch her rescue story in the video below:

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