Puppy Waits For The Teacher Who Fed And Cared For Him Without Knowing That He Passed Away

Professor Marcelo, who just passed away, was waiting for Buboy, the Mabalacat City College dog, at the door of a teachers’ lounge in Manila, the Philippines. The pictures gained popularity on social media after being posted there.

When Ma Kristina Paola Demafelix saw Buboy, the university dog, waiting for the professor who used to care and feed him, she posted a photo of it on Facebook.

“I sobbed every time I saw you, Buboy. Losing a love hurts. Especially if you lose a teacher who cared for you like family. He came to the University even though he didn’t have lessons to look after you and feed you.”

Buboy must be in excruciating anguish knowing that the person he loved most in this world was gone and was never coming back.

Buboy has been supported to deal with this loss by the faculty, staff, and a few pupils, and while he initially refused to eat anything, he is now doing so.

Ma Kristina recalled that Buboy used to follow the instructor from the university’s main gate to the classroom, where he would sit calmly at Marcelo’s side and listen to him teach. Buboy would even join Marcelo for lunch in the classroom. teachers.

When he departed to go home, she once again led him to the door.

Early last week, Marcelo suffered a stroke. He first appeared as though he might get better. Sadly, he passed away on Saturday.

Buboy had been periodically stopping by the staff room even before Marcelo was sent to the intensive care unit (ICU). Demaflix seen Buboy on Monday standing in front of the teachers’ lounge with his paws on the door as if she were beckoning to him.

Buboy found it unusual that his favourite instructor wasn’t there.

As Ma Kristina put it:

Mr. Marcelo was in the ICU, thus he was unable to attend the university. Buboy, however, continued to use the staff restroom, and yesterday we observed him seemingly pounding on the door.

Buboy insisted on seeing his owner, so Ma Kristina took him to the viewing area in the hopes that it would help the dog comprehend why he would not see his companion once more and let him to say his final goodbyes.


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