Pot-Bellied Pig Raised with Dogs Thinks He’s A Part Of The Canine Crew

By. Supuni

You might have come to realize that when you associate with certain people, their influence rubs off on you. The same can be applied to animals as well. Chowder is a potbellied pig who is just 6 years old. But what makes him unique is the fact that he lives with five rescue pups. They are the best of friends despite their individual differences.

This pig even acts like a dog and is gentle and lovable just like his doggo buddies. Chowder is a Vietnamese potbellied pig. He is recognized as an intelligent and sociable creature. This piggy also loves an occasional good cuddle to keep him warm. Their human owner, Shelby, thinks of her animal friends as her own crew, a reflection of who she is.

The happiness, safety, and health of all her pets depend on Shelby. Therefore she is determined to not let them all down. The pig and the five rescue pups play together in the yard and even wear matching collars. Although they belong to different species, they never let these physical differences interfere with their strong bond.



In Shelby’s eyes these animals are like her own children, doesn’t matter whether they are pigs or dogs. She sees Chowder as a son and even compares him to a toddler aged 3. Even though Chowder is merely a pig, he owns these five dogs and thinks that he’s in charge. He keeps an eye on his doggo friends, especially when they are playing around.

Chowder considers himself to be the wisest of his crew. He doesn’t take part in playing games because he thinks he is far more mature for that. Chowder does not want to deal with all that silliness. This pig considers himself to be a lone wolf and is usually observed doing his own thing. However, he is a happy piggy who is cared for and loved by his family.

Shelby calls out to her animals’ crew saying, “everybody come here”, whenever she wants to capture photographs of them. They heed to the call, sit and pose for the photographs. And whenever it’s time for treats, Chowder Lines up along with his dog buddies and waits for his turn.

Chowder had a difficult time with his first family and belonged to a guy who got the pig for his girlfriend. Since they couldn’t keep Chowder, they gave him away. He had to live on the side of their house. Things changed for the better when Chowder came across Shelby and was able to find his forever home that came along with five doggo best friends.


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