Photographer Captured The Images Of Orcas And Sunsets

Mary Parkhill is a professional photographer. She left her career in advertising with hopes of pursuing her hobby of photography. Her intention was to make a full-time career out of it. She is now recognized for her natural landscape-focused fine art photography. This talented photographer spends her summer in Alaska capturing the breathtaking landscape, including beautiful photographs of orcas relishing in the deep blue water.

Mary is skillful in perfectly capturing the moment and this has helped her to transform her business into a creative career. She captures the sunsets along with the killer whales and blends them in perfect harmony. Mary used the anatomy of the orcas in order to guide the eyes of the viewer around the photograph. There are times when the orca’s nose or tail is beautifully aligned with the blazing sun.

At other times the sunset acts as a blazing golden backdrop that highlights these gorgeous creatures. Mary is inspired by the sheer size of these orcas and seeing them in their natural habitat. Apparently, these creatures take her breath away. She is a photographer based in Pennsylvania and simply adores whales. Her photographs depict humpback whales and orcas swimming and breaching the Alaskan waters.

The photographs of the setting sun managed to combine fine art photography with landscape and produce creations that are out of this world. Mary has even put up some of her orca sunset imagery for sale and they are available for purchase on her website. Now even you can have one of these beautiful pieces to add to the beauty of your home.

An orca enjoying the bliss of a perfect sunset.

The orca adds to the beauty of the sunset.

Thought I’d pose with my tail out.

The fading orange sun, deep blue sea, and a majestic orca, what a perfect combination.

The beauty of nature captured accurately.

The orca fin aligned with the setting sun.

The orcas amplifying the breathtaking nature of the sunset.

This looks like a painting that came right out of an art museum.

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