Parrot Makes Veterinary Staff Cry With Laughter During Nail Trim

A parrot’s antics caught the veterinary staff at Petland in Norwin, PA off-guard and soon had them crying with laughter. They shared the funny video, captioning it, “Paco came in for a wing and nail trim and had us crying from laughing.”

In the cute video, we hear what we think is a woman laughing. But it’s actually Paco the parrot watching another bird get its nails trimmed.

Paco’s laughter proves way too infectious to ignore for the veterinary technician, who buckles over with laughter. Paco’s laughing is so distracting that the staff have a hard time getting their work done!

@petlandnhtPaco came in for a wing and nail trim today and had us crying feom laughing! ♬ original sound – petlandnht

Here’s the video on Instagram if you have trouble viewing the video above:

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Paco does make an appearance “in person” towards the end of the video, and the funny, friendly green parrot says ‘hi’ to the camera.

Petland shared another video showing “the madness that led to our outburst of laughter!” A combination of “Paco want a bath” and his seductive ‘hi’ are what seems to have done the trick.

@petlandnhtYou asked for more from Paco and we are delivering! ♬ original sound – petlandnht

Viewers love the parrot’s hilarious and uncanny laugh with many viewers admitting they mistook Paco’s laughing for a person’s. “It took me waaaay too long to realize it was the bird laughing,” wrote one viewer.

Another noted how good Paco is at imitating a woman’s voice laughing “The fact that this bird knows how to imitate the sound of someone trying to say something while not being able to catch their breath is hilarious,” they wrote.

And one TikTokker noted that the bird’s friendly disposition indicates he’s well loved, “It’s obvious that Paco is surrounded by a lot of laughter and affection in his home.”

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