Paralyzed Pit Bull Ditched At Kill-Shelter To Be Euthanized Had Only 1 Wish

Because Romeo couldn’t walk, his owner dumped him to be euthanized. A kill-shelter volunteer then overheard the vet talking and had an idea.

Our dogs are our family. If they’re in need of medical attention, is our responsibility to form sure they have everything they need. But not all humans think so.manner.

One Pit Bull, named Romeo, was completely neglected by his family. He had some treatable health conditions but rather than getting him help, they did the unthinkable.

Romeo’s owners brought him to a kill shelter to be euthanized because he was paralyzed. A volunteer performing at the shelter had overheard that his condition could also be treatable. She made a few calls, but fortunately AMA Animal Rescue was happy to intervene. They picked up Romeo from the shelter and brought him to a special neurologist.

The doctor explained that through diligent physical therapy, Romeo is likely to walk again. Romeo was such a troublesome boy! He was also so good with everyone he met.

The rescue team raised enough funds to urge Romeo to accept the treatment he needed. After a couple of weeks, Romeo was walking again! It truly was a miracle.

But then Romeo had a setback. His eyes continued to shred and have become quite uncomfortable. The rescue group brought him to an eye fixed specialist and he was diagnosed with Entropion, a condition where the eyelids are turned inward. Romeo needed surgery. As if this bomber hadn’t been through enough!

The rescue team once again raised funds for Romeo, and he underwent surgery. He did so well. The doctor was pleased together with his progress and soon, he was able to attend a family. Romeo was doing well, Healthwise, he still longed for a family.

Like many Pit Bulls, he was overlooked time and time again. Romeo does not want to measure his life by a family that accepts him. He had been through numerous challenges and had been rejected numerous times. One of his wishes is to be able to measure happily from now on.

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