Panicking Dog Wakes Up Family Just In Time To Save Their Baby’s Life

 When Duke realized baby Harper wasn’t moving, he immediately jumped into action to save her.

Dogs have always been humans’ real-life guardian angels and that they have helped save us from dangers and calamities repeatedly – thus, saving our lives. Today’s story is about an adopted dog who was ready to save a baby from life-threatening danger.

It was a fateful day when the Brousseau family decided to see out a shelter in Portland, Connecticut to urge a dog. As they scanned the place, the string of fate led them to a miserable pup named Duke, whom they immediately fell crazy with. The Brousseaus decided to offer the pooch a second chance in life with them as his family, but little did they know that Duke would at some point repay the favor. Five years later, the Brousseaus were close to have a replacement addition to their family.

For five years, Duke had already collected countless memories as he lives happily together with his new family. Duke has grown as an idealistic pet for the Brousseau family. One day, the family acknowledged that they were close to have a baby. After back home with the newborn, the family then introduced Harper, Duke’s human baby sister. Duke knew that eventually, he would have a replacement friend that he could play with. The dog noticed something strange and began to feel pressured on little Harper.

The baby was just weeks old and Duke has been doing his job as baby Harper’s guard. He would always stay beside the baby’s crib and check on Harper from time to time. One night, Duke sensed something was wrong, then he began to feel agitated, as he has no idea what to try to to. TheThe dog concerned immediately ran to his owner for help. As Duke’s owners were sound asleep, he jumped into the bed and tried his best to wake them up. The poor pooch was shaking and therefore the parents were still clueless about what was happening. The Brousseaus finally awakened to the dog’s panicked state and got up to find out what was happening. They were just surprised to find that the dog was whimpering, as if there was something wrong. When the mom asked Duke what was wrong, he then immediately led them towards the baby’s room. The family panicked once they noticed that Harper wasn’t breathing then, they called 911 to rush her to the hospital.

They were just in time to save lots of the baby’s life.
Baby Harper was rushed to the ER where the doctors saved her life. If the family arrived a second later, they could not be ready to save baby Harper. It had been all because of Duke who got the oldsters up just in time and heroically saved the day. Asides from Duke for the family’s good boy, he was ready to repay his fur-parents from giving him a second chance before saving baby Harper’s life.


Duke was hailed a hero after his story caught the eye of the news sites. This proves that our pets aren’t only there to comfort us, but also can be our lifesavers. Please SHARE this with your friends and family.


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