Panda Daycare Exist And It Is The Most Adorable Place On Earth (18 Pics

I think we can all agree that pandas are some of the most adorable, most huggable animals on the planet.

At the Chengdu Research Base in China, these cute critters are put in a special breeding program and a daycare.

These endangered animals are very special, and not just because of how cute they are, but because of how hard it is to get pandas to breed.

Females only have around 2-3 days in a year where they are able to breed.

Females only have around 2-3 days in a year where they are able to breed.

Now just imagine a large group of adorable baby pandas, all in one place!

The research facility is a nonprofit with the goal to save the pandas from extinction.

They have been considered to be endangered, and their population has been great reduced in recent years.

Thanks to the efforts of centers like this, the cuddly bears numbers began to bounce back.

The International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) reclassified the pandas from ‘endangered’ to ‘vulnerable’

As of the most recent survey (2020), their is estimated to be approximately 1,864 pandas left in the wild.


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