Owner Transforms Her Cat’s Leftover Fir Into Super Fluffy Slippers

Regardless of just how much you sweep, vacuum, and dirt, it appears that cat hair never truly disappears no matter how much you try to get rid of it and no matter how many lint rollers you might buy. Frankly talking, you can find it lurking everywhere … in the small fractures of your floor, on top of your furniture, and worse of all– all over your clothes!


As much as it seems difficult to handle, some cat owners simply choose to adapt the losing as it is and instead put the fallen fur to good use. For instance, utilizing it as a material for needle felting! In case you didn’t recognize, the needle felting technique includes repeatedly poking a special felting needle into a rolled-up wad of fur that’s set out on a cushion or pad. The barbs on the end of the needle help lock the fur fibers with each other to create one bigger body.


Both canine and cat hair can be felted because of the presence of ranges on the hair shafts as the exact same felting method can be applied to their fur also, nevertheless, it takes a bit of practice and maybe some more time because the outcome could not be as good as when using wool or one more kind of hair.


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