Owner Brought Her To Be Put Down, But Her Purple Fur Hide A Dark Story Behind It

When Dr. Karri, an experienced vet at the “Vet Ranch” animal clinic, saw Violet, a small dog with multiple bite wounds and purple fur, she was shaken to her core. Violet’s owner claimed she was mauled by a larger dog when she surrendered her to be put down.

Many bait dogs are known to be colored purple before being used to train fighting dogs. Violet’s owner, on the other hand, attributed the purple fur to a purple wound spray that was applied to her shortly after she was mauled. The wounds, however, festered for weeks due to medical negligence, bringing Violet closer to death.

In this eye-opening video, Dr. Karri explains the intensive medical procedure she performs on Violet. A vet treats Violet’s infections and abscesses with heavy pain meds and antibiotics as she endures the difficult treatment process. After 12 days of constant monitoring, Violet has finally emerged from the septic stage!

After seeing Violet’s depressed and defeated expression at the start, it’s so satisfying to see the dog’s happy run at the end. When she’s in Dr. Karri’s arms, she can hardly contain her grateful smiles!

Violet was adopted shortly after she had fully recovered. She shares her home with her new mother, Kelly, and her Jack Russell doggie sister, Peanut, who is the same size as her! Thank you, Dr. Karri, for making Violet’s life better!

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